If you believe in the mission of the Western Hemisphere Project, of exploring how consumerism and climate change is effecting cultures while engaging youth and the public to stimulate positive change, please consider donating. Every penny helps!

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Fundraising Goal – $20,000 

Raised Contributions – $1,370

Thank you!

Donations made to the Western Hemisphere Project go towards travel expenses, educational experiences, bicycle maintenance, subsistence on the road, communications, and curriculum development. Interested in the specifics of our budget? 

Our goal is to raise $1 per mile to budget for two humans and one dog. The majority of that is spent on food and camping. Because of our dedication to sustainability and ethical purchases, reality sometimes exceeds the dream. Expenses that exceed $1/mile budget are paid out of our personal savings and leftover funds will carry over to the next day. We also plan on saving money for major travel expenses (such as sailing around the Darien Gap) and curriculum design.