Connecting people and communities through adventure based learning

Live a life of Purpose

The Mission:

To explore cultural issues and share stories that inspire people to implement solutions


Beginning June 1st in Prudhoe Bay, Alvin will meander south by bicycle, along the western spine of North America, Baja, Central America and South America finishing in Ushuaia, Argentina around sixteen months later, approximately 18,000 miles! The Western Hemisphere Project is more than just a ride; it is an educational journey for all involved.

Meetings with indigenous elders show followers how climate change has impacted their traditions and customs. Representatives and directors of environmental non-profits to broaden our understanding of political issues and responses. The freedom of a bicycle will allow for the opportunity to meet many people and talk about how they feel climate change is affecting their own lives. Additional resources provided on agriculture and food systems help enlighten viewers of the intricacies around climate change.

A curriculum focused on environmental, climate, and cultural issues will be available for teachers, grades 3 – 12. Professors can incorporate photo essays and videos into 100-200 level Environmental, Native Studies, and Human Geography courses. Live interviews, videos, photos, social media platforms, and blog posts will connect students in real time via Internet, giving the opportunity to engage directly with the people and issues.

These real-world issues should be shared with our next generation of stewards so that they have the knowledge, understanding, and the truth to effect change personally, locally, and globally. Knowledge is power to make global changes for the sustainability of the future.